Oxford 1/76 5 Piece Bentley Set 76SET39

  1. 1st model 76BCF003 Olympic White, registered at 869 UXL & features include the interior is moulded with red seating, door panels and ‘carpet’ while the dashboard was finished in satinised brown
  2. 2nd model 76BB001 Dark green, sports the race No. 9 & features include the characteristic dark green and sports the race No. 9 in white on the sides.  Bonnet straps, the tonneau cover is black, seating dark green and the dashboard is finished in silver with black dials.
  3. 3rd model 76BM004 Red, registered at 1 WO & features include silver grey interior seating and black dashboard and steering wheel.  The exterior detail extends to a mass of silver masking including the bumpers, wheels and radiator grille.
  4. 4th model 76BN6001 Blue, Registration at NHY 581 & features include the exterior detail masked in silver and the pale grey interior also features blue flooring and brown dashboard.
  5. 5th model 76BT2002 Brown & Silver, registered AYP 12T & features include the interior is ivory while the exterior bodywork features lots of silver trim and the model is rounded off with black bumpers.